Wing dam:

A wing dam or wing dike is a man made barrier that, unlike a conventional dam, only extends partway into a river. These structures force water into a fast-moving center channel which reduces the rate of sediment accumulation, while slowing water flow near the riverbanks.

While wing dams assist in assuring that rivers are navigable, they can also pose a threat to boaters.

Educational Catch of the Day


Hello boaters and river enthusiasts. As local residents of the Quad Cities and surrounding

areas we are very fortunate to take part in many activities and learning opportunities provided

by the beautiful Mississippi River. As a teacher, I am able to use this resource to provide a

wealth of knowledge to my students in many different disciplines. One small example is when

my students had the opportunity to track the extraction and movement of hundreds of thousands

of mussels as the I-74 bridge project began. I am interested in partnering with teachers,

community members, and students alike to increase knowledge and maximize learning

opportunities for everyone. I look forward to this journey of learning and discovery that our local

gem, the Mississippi River has to offer us all!



Shana Hinton